Saiki no Psi Nan Chapter Dump

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These are the chapters that didn’t appear in Season 2.


Note: They have not been phototypeset yet. Check out recent posts for the typeset versions.

Link Downloads (below)

Volume 22

Chapter 236

Chapter 237

Chapter 238

Volume 23

Chapter 239

Chapter 243

Chapter 244

Chapter 245


Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro Volume 9

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The anime aired over Summer and it was a very solid comedy. It’s written by a former hentai author so there’s a gratuitous amount of “fan service”. The heroine is a gamer who like Saiki does her utmost to avoid attention, because she doesn’t want the responsibilities that come with success. I really recommend the show. Here’s the translations of the latest volume (Ch.41-45)

Chapter 41

Chapter 42

Chapter 43

Chapter 44

Chapter 45

Chapters 1-39 can be found here:

Saiki no Psi Nan Anime Theme Music

It turns out the voice actors from Saiki are awesome singers! Especially Erotsuka!

S1OP1 青春は残酷じゃない (“Youth isn’t so cruel) 
by Natsuki Hanae (Toritsuka) 


S1ED1 Ψです I LIKE YOU (“Psi desu – I Like You”)  


S1OP2 最Ψ最好調!(“The Most Favorable!)


S1ED2 こころ (Heart) 
by Natsuki Hanae (Toritsuka)


S2OP1 Ψレントプリズナー (“Silent Prisoner”)
by Sakata Gintoki (Kaidou) feat. Kamiya Hiroshi (Saiki) & Ono Daisuke (Nendou) 


S2ED1 Ψ発見伝!(“Saihakkenden”)


S2OP1 お手上げサイキクス (“Raise your hands Psychics”)
by Shiggy Jr.


S2ED2 Duet♡してくだΨ (“Duet Shitekudasai”) 
by Kamiya Hiroshi (Saiki), Kayano Ai(Teruhashi) & Kitamura Eri (Aiura)